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  1. You should drop by more often. The only times we've talked was when you were acting s some kind of diplomat or informant.

    (Oh, and happy late forum-versary. :P)
  2. Not when I'm not talking with Taylor or someone else, no. Most of my chatting happens on FB or forums. :P
  3. Yeah, some more drama's unfolding, I'm afraid. It doesn't really involve me this time, though.

    Oh, well that's the second birthday greeting I get on the site today. Thanks! :D You don't really use Skype much at all, though, do you? ;P
  4. I told her. What she does is up to her now. :P

    Btw, I wasn't really on Skype or the forums and somehow managed to miss your birthday. Belated congratulations :)
  5. Are you talking with Taylor now? I'm asking as a middleman for someone who wants be a middle"man" for them. :p
  6. Welp, the site's actually functioning for me again. Of course, that still begs the and why did this happen in the first place?
  7. So are things better now? I talked a bit further with her and it seems you prevented potential disaster yesterday. Really appreciate you doing that. It also seems you're better at comforting her than anyone else. Don't mean to put a burden on you, but I thought you should know if you didn't already (for whatever reason).
  8. Well, good. Is she too upset to talk to me now, though? Kinda seemed that way. :/
  9. Yeah, we're okay. I kind of knew to expect that since I felt bad about posting that right after I had done so, so I was there when she got to me. We had a talk and I explained what I really meant by that (because I totally used the wrong words and didn't mean what the message said), and she's fine.
  10. Not really, no. I guess if I were, I would've taken a more angry tone. More concerned than anything else, really. But "damage control" underway? Are you two talking now? I told her and she just quit on me right there.
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