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  1. You're welcome! What did you do for your birthday?
  2. Thank you ^^
  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day today!
  4. Yeah... though it looks like I finally did found an apartment! But now, have to play the waiting game because of working with Section 8/government assistance, and they are a bit slow in my city. Once that is done though, things will get quicker. Though been neggy about it, since I'm worried about losing the place despite the fact that the landlord took the paperwork for Section 8, and even made me sign stuff.

    As of this writing, I'm doing a bit better mentally, but I still struggle with my depression as I have not moved out yet, and the noise triggers me to no end. I just need to last a bit longer.. I suppose.
  5. Hi Starlily, I've read your post in the confession thread and I'm sorry to see that your apartment hunt is still ongoing and that it really took a toll on you. I hope you're in a better place now, mentally.
  6. Oooo, I'm glad you going to the best of the best for your surgery! I honestly can't wait to get my bottom surgery, but sadly have to lose some weight first. So, hopefully by Summer 2022. Let me know how the surgery goes! Means you get to learn how to pee all over again xD

    Yeah, it has been hard, and probably Covid made it harder. But I move out eventually, and thank you! Good luck with your surgery and hope it will be a safe one as well!
  7. I'm going to Serbia to a doctor named Djordjevic. He's one of the most experienced surgeons when it comes to FTM bottom surgery as far as I know, and he's also probably the best I can realistically afford as I have to pay everything out of pocket.

    It's unfortunate that you still couldn't find a new apartment far from those inconsiderate neighbors. I remember you telling me about it before. I guess the virus made an already slow process even more difficult. I wish you luck with that!
  8. As for me, well my depression has gotten worse. Having to deal with super loud neighbors that play loud bass music that triggers my PTSD. Right now been in the mist of trying to find an apartment, but it has been difficult because I'm on a government voucher that helps with housing, and not many places accept it. I'm working with my service coordinator and my housing specialist, so of course I'm looking on my own. Just been hard, I just want to get out of this place because it's bad for my mental health. I did get my shots as well, so I'm fully vaccinated too! So, that's a positive at least.
  9. Woot! I'm glad you got the vaccine! A bar sounds like fun, though I never got drunk in my life. Woot! Yeah, my insurance covers for my bottom surgery, but I have to lose weight to even get it. So, that be my focus, as I really want my vagina, and then I can have a party and call it V-Day! 0.0

    What Hungary is doing with that bill is censorship plain and simple. That is annoying even to me because I'm very anti-censorship. I don't understand why they are going backwards like this...

    What country will you be going to for your surgery?
  10. Hi! I'm fine mostly. Got two doses of shots, so I'm okay for the time being, and things started to open up around here. I'm going to bar with my friends this weekend. Other than that, I'm saving up money for my bottom surgery. I'm planning on having it at the end of next year.
    I'm pretty furious though, because our dear government has just voted in a bill that basically forbids any kind of media portrayal of LGBTQI+ people that targets children. So anything that's not 18+. Two guys holding hands? No way. Mentioning transpeople? Scandalous! Quite an upsetting situation. Luckily, I plan on having surgery abroad (I wouldn't even be able to have it in Hungary anyways, because it's such a specific and expensive operation.

    What about you? How have you been doing lately?
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