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  1. You're welcome! I wanted to tell you, but it felt like too late to do so in the thread. So, I just did a visitor message!

    By the way, what do you like the best about Wano? o:
  2. Hey there, just to reply to the message you've left on mine. I just want to say thanks and I appreciate the message drop.
    I really hope I didn't offend anyone or made it feel personal, although if I did I'm sorry because I can completely see how it could have seen that way because of my poor wording.
    I'm glad that you dropped me a message and pointed out that you were able to see my POV and I read yours on the thread with full agreement.
    Either way, Yamato is Yamato! Thanks again, see you around!
  3. Hey there! I saw your post about Yamato in the thread, after I already posted mine, so I didn't have time to quote you. I do agree with you about Yamato being female! I'm also transgender male to female and I never once saw Yamato as female. (Maybe some misconceptions before I read the manga though.) I just hope this gender debate can finally end with this confirmation.
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