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  1. I posted a comment about it in the OM forum :

    It's blurry but I can see 3 differents shapes and 2 of them must be Hancock and a pacifista, the third one could be Smoker or anybody elsebut I'm not sure...
  2. Hi, Itcha.

    Yeah, that picture's bugging me a lot. I think it will be important either by the end of the coverstory or after the current arc is finished. It does seem like someone (maybe Hancock) kicking something. However, it's too blurry so I have no real idea of what's it about.
  3. I found the picture you were talking about... I just didn't pay attention to the paper ( in the cover of the chapter 613).

    Actually that's wierd, I check it with a zoom and it looks like a women wearing a long dress (Hancock ?) is kicking a Kuma face, or a pacifista ( the shape of the head, the white hat with black round ears)... and there somebody else I can't identify, at first sight I thought it could be Mihawk with his black sword at his back.... but it looks like this person is wearing a white jacket.

    It's too blurry and messy to see a thing, it could be a picture about the shichibukai or anything else... anyways, that's a nice find, I didn't notice this picture.
  4. "The picture in the botton of the newspaper in the coverstory will be important"

    A picture ?
    I don't see a thing, the paper is just showing the return of the SH crew no ?
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