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  1. OH MY GOD LOOL jokers!Seriously even I was worried even though I dn't know you guys that much,aight have fun!
  2. lol, don't worry we were joking XD
  3. Woah Monkey King I just saw Chrissie's post in the PYDT. Didn't know what central booking is great thing she is out I would absolutely freak out.

    I hope this is only a funny story to laugh at in a few days enjoy yourselves stay safe!
  4. Yes he is hehe!I dn't know much about rap but this guy is the popular one in France lately because of his he raps about the usual on the problems of the 2nd gen migrants (migrants in general) segregated in the suburbs of france but uses many techniques for his rhymes,great punchlines.
  5. I love how Hip-Hop has become so global lol. I got to hear Greek rap too in Cyprus XD, lucky you guys though, from my experience French sounds amazing when rapped. MC Solaar I think is even originally from Dakar? Props on him, he's great.
    As for the serious stuff, that sounds good. Very good, Senegal really does have some favorable geography (Gambia aside) going for it, there's good futures there if things can stay steady. I mean shit, not many countries have big cities on peninsulas sticking out into the Atlantic, that's gotta count for something!
  6. Besides the huge diasporas and strong influence of american culture in urban areas (esp in the bigger players' like ghana nigeria or senegal), you have all these youths doing MBAs or politics in the states and canada so as they mingle with yall and incorporate your values to theirs i think the region is bound to be even more open minded about America whilst preserving regional/national interests and striving to become an economic and cultural power of its own. I can't see anything but a good future *boko haram snorts at the back*.

    ps: to give you an idea of american influence on the youths look at this song: low budget,shots of the regular parts of town, singing in wolof, yet the influence is still clearly visible in the clothes worn by passerbys the words dropped in the lyrics and bam shots of the singer in the US at the end LOL.this is the future gen'. nwy good luck with the job search.
  7. Thanks again, haha, that's good to know about English. I geuss I was seeing what sort of Sub-Saharan jobs I could get with the US gov based on language learning. I'm probably cruising toward East Europe as is, but that means I gotta learn Russian....and go to Russia....and deal with Russians. Alas. At least it also means Greeks! I've always wondered about what America's relationship with Sub-Sahara would be as you guys start rising up. We did involve in the slave trade...but we at least didn't involve in the imperialism lol (Europe!!!), so I dunno. Things are both a little fresher? And also your diaspora lives among us, is us too, I mean sure Obama is from immigrant blood, but Michelle is from slave descendents and stuff.
    Maybe I'm just being all wishful again lol. I guess I just hope we can have a good future with eachother lol.
  8. No worries I was just editing my comment then the internet cut lol.You know even if you just speak english that is no problem at all in Senegal, because of its geographic position and history with the slave trade/Goree Island ect, its always received many american tourists and nowadays the youth's turned away from France towards America, embracing your culture trying to emulate your lifestyle ect so down there your average young senegalese dude in the street trying to make a living speaks frengliof to expats and tourists ie a mix of the three languages when none of the two others are mastered lol. And lol at the heat the best time to visit then would be in December when its 'cold'(21 degrees and a bit of fog...).But yeah I really recommend Ghana as your first destination and whenever you guys stop by the region let me know will be glad to help. Enjoy your visit in SE in the meantime.
  9. Thanks again dude, I dunno about summer though yikes! Chrissie might be alright, but I am not good with humidity and heat lol. Ghana sounds good though, I mean aside from like Botswana down yonder. For West Africa anyway, I suck at learning other languages so Ghana wins for now haha.
    If I ever do come around to the region it be awhile, for now I'm visiting Southeast Europe this summer which should be plenty adventurous.
  10. So basically the lower you are on the class stratum,the less affluent the hood you are in is,the less likely you are to encouter fluent french. Ethnic languages like wolof are still heavily used in daily life at all class levels. Of course the further in the country you go the rarer french becomes. But all in all pretty standard in capitals and major cities if you go wandering around you are sure to communicate in french easily. Sorry but I hope this gives an idea let me know. And if you do come in the region anytime soon, start by visiting ghana or Senegal in summer its lots of fun you get the best of both worlds(i heard a strippingclub opened recently in dakar thats how liberal the place is lol).
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