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  1. I'll keep it in mind
  2. Haha not at all *throws more flowers* kindly intervene in my favor once you become green
  3. stop it, you're flattering me! Now that chopper pic would come in handy
  4. You always take time to answer questions/provide explanations in the mangas section its deserved enjoy!
  5. Thanks!! I was quite surprised myself.
  6. Yo Akagami congrats!
  7. Thanks for the greetings!! All this week I've been very nervous about this, but finally all my worries have disappeared
  8. Saw your post in the PYD thread,aerospace engineering I'm so jealous bravo & good luck man
  9. Your welcome! Well done for the little plus sign next to your name :)
  10. Thanks! it's always great to make friends=)
    Lol, bots are everywhere
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