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  1. Hmpfh yeah you are right we don't know much so I'll leave it at "inherit all sorts,not clear what they identify as" as shown by Pitou.Thanks a bunch for replying
  2. I wish I knew the answer for real. The chimeras do definitely inherit some biological sex characteristics and there is some form of sexual dimorphism that allows females to become their own queen in their own colony, after their parent passes. That's for sure. But I don't know anything after that concretely, since Togashi never elaborates past that. It's nutty, so I think everyone's better off not thinking about it.
  3. Heeey Holy Hell how have you been :3 !!

    Lol just kidding I'm not even sure you know who I am sorry to barge in like this. I would like to ask you a question about chimeras in HxH if you dn't mind. I read the threads and understood that chimeras inherit all types of physical attributes but do not have genders since they have no use for them and only the King and Queen can be identified because of their reproduction role. However,in the event of the Queen's death chimeras wishing to become King have to impregnate females from other species to reproduce making them male in gender regardless of sex and features inherited.

    Am I correct in my understanding..?If yes I guess what confuses me is if they inherit a female sex they can still impregnate a female to become King?This sounds silly lol I'm not getting something.You guys have gone on this topic forever but I know you are good at this which is why I thought I would ask you cheeers.
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