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  1. Just super randomly thinking about you and wondering if you're doing fine! :)
    Unfortunately, one of the things we do seem to have in common are the periods of complete radio silence on this board so I think the chance of getting to know you casually by goofing around on threads has passed hahaha
    Still sending copious amounts of good vibes in your general direction :D
  2. Thanks my new friend pal! It was a really nice day, honestly, very relaxing. I hope your day, ON THAT EXACT DAY, was also very good and relaxing.
  3. Hey Holy Hell! Happy belated Birthday! I hope you had a good one and celebrated and got some chocolate cake coma! ;)
    And nice avatar, just don't smell flowers or use pepper on your food for a day or something...
  4. I also like your posts a lot! Thank you so much for the friend request!
    But I haven't been active that much so I'm kinda afraid you're being sarcastic here... hahah
    Still, thank you. ^^
  5. I like your posts and I feel sorry for not having noticed you sooner. You're a welcome person here!
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