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  1. Ayy 2-1. Don't get too drunk now!
    Happy birthday :)
  2. Thanks Meta!
  3. Happy birthday Galaxy! Your age makes me feel like an old man :)
  4. Thanks Meta!
  5. It's about time! Congrats on the star!
  6. Thanks Galaxy! ;)
  7. Happy Birthday Meta!
  8. Thanks! When I saw this in the color spread, I knew it was time to switch avatars.

    As for the second thing, when I see it, I post it, haha.
  9. Gotta give you props. For the Nami avatar and once again, you outspeed me! I was gonna post that Gamexplain interview in the Yooka-Laylee thread XD
  10. Did I? Either I had to go to work / do something else or I had connection problems or something.
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