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  1. What kind of degree did you get by the way?
  2. Oh, nice! Congrats! ^.^
  3. Well, I graduated college last month.
  4. Hi there! Long time no see!

    How has life been treating you? And what kinds of things happened since the last time we chatted? o:
  5. Oh, okay. I apologize to, for getting too personal. I try not to ask so many personal questions in a row either in the future.
  6. Sorry about that time. I just felt we were going on an endless loop of posts. Besides, it was becoming too personal.
  7. Okay, sorry ^^;;;; I was just trying to have a conversation with you, that's all ^^
  8. I have 2 dogs. And had 4 hamsters once. I am getting tired it of answering questions btw. (^_^;)
  9. That I do agree with indeed ^^I have a cat, her name is Ember, she is also part outside, and in the past brought me some "presents" XDPlus, she always comes back home, so it shows me that she likes me and my roommate! ^^By the way, did you own any animals now or in the past?
  10. Animals...are cool.
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