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  1. Thank you, Husche!l :D there was lots of ice too!
  2. Happy Burgday, dearest Mrs. :D
  3. Hey Huschel, what's up? How have you been?
  4. Haha, thank you kindly. It's a very thoughtful wish.
  5. Have a very happy birthday Huschel! I don't know much about what tigers like, so I'll just wish you don't get extinct in the near future!
  6. I'm honored! And there's no such thing as random, it means the gods wanted it that way.
    Thanks a lot!
  7. Dearest Mrs. Iceburg. I shall honor you with kind of remembering your birthday or maybe randomly seeing your name at the bottom of the page and being elated to congratulate you. It's my pleasure really. So yeah, happy happy birthday! :)
  8. Yep! Until the end of January, possibly also the beginning of February.

    Alright, great :) You guys start your school years reeally late, I just had my first class yesterday. And you have another whole week! Good luck with it anyhow. :)
  9. Ah, of course. My mistake. You're gonna stay a whole semester, right? How long will that be?

    I only ended up retaking one of them but that went well. Now I'll still have 10 days of nothing to do until the next semester starts.
  10. Ah, I didn't say there wasn't any drinking! Just no beer drinking. Although I must say I've gotten to appreciate Radler a little bit.
    And for the rest, just exploring the city and being a tourist basically. It really is a beautiful city. And making new Erasmus friends, so that's cool too :)
    What have you been up to? Did you re-take those exams like you said?
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