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  1. Gelukkige verjaardag Icey~

    Yay voor laat opblijven
  2. Thanks Queenie Iceburg.
  3. Have a very happy birthday, vorlianis! :)
  4. Suits him for neglecting it for so long!
  5. He's had a girly page for a while now. Gotta grant him some respite.
  6. ↓ I saw that
  7. *nods agreeingly* We must maintain our diplomatical bonds.
  8. Oh i know the feeling, i am constantly near my 50 PM limit as well.

    Now i just noticed something i should have done long ago, forgive me for forgetting such an important task.
  9. It's more like I can't bring myself to deleting them. Terribly sentimental.

    And of course it was! Any word from you is always a pleasure!
  10. A little, i knew you had many visitors coming to you but i didn't knew you have such a traffic coming and going at you for it being full for a second time. Good to know you are still popular like that.

    Not like my reply was of all that much importance though~
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