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  1. I don't really play any i just mean like play>watch.

    Although i like to play Hockey most of all i think.
  2. Haha, I'm usually in the nearby cafe, cheering.
    And I'm too lazy for sports :< which sport do you play then?
  3. I can tell the amount of goals by the nearby cafe cheering anyway so.

    Also i prefer to play sports instead of watch D:
  4. But it's so much fun!
  5. I try to avoid it, hard to do so though.
  6. I know, and it's highly contagious. Haven't you caught it yet?
  7. I think i see a rash on your face
  8. Thanks vori! :)
  9. Happy birthday ~
  10. Dankjewel vorli! Slaap is belangrijk :I
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