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  1. Of course Luffy will get Awakening and become the strongest character by the end of the series (although Oda will be sure to make Luffy look like the underdog in the final fight like usual, which will make people debate about if he's really the strongest person or not). He will probably exploit a weakness out of Kaido, but not Blackbeard or Akainu.

    He's probably going to introduce Awakening the same way he introduced Gear Second and Gear Third. Out of nowhere lol. Although we might see a bunch of Awakened Zoans in Wano Country inspire Luffy even though their Awakenings are different.
  2. Do you think luffy will gain awakening? I have seen a friend of mine that doesnt believe that he will gain awakening or any other power up for that matter. He believes that luffy wont be the literal strongest character by the end of the series. He wont be as strong as blackbeard or even akainu he will overcome them by exploiting their weakness. I am curious as to how oda is gonna sandwich awakening in the midist of the upcoming arcs without another training arc or timeskip. Cant imagine luffy gaining awakening, then learning it over the course of the series without having a training arc to master it.
  3. Sure, it's easy to assume that the Straw Hats planned that off-panel. But the reveal would have been even MORE awesome if we got a hint or two that we didn't realize until the last minute. Like how the Straw Hats' X marks in Alabasta got used used their bandages and as a silent farewell. That was masterful storytelling by Oda that properly played with out expectations using build-up.

    As for plot armor, that's basically a term a used for characters who are too important to realistically get hurt or defeated, so they need some contrivance to aid them. People like to throw this term around for protagonists in any story a lot because it's so obvious that they can't die and have to win most of the time, but plot armor in this sense is fine so long as you have your protagonists survive and win in plausible built-up ways and not out of nowhere.
  4. I think all of this could work better if we saw the Firetank Pirates make more cameos. For instance, do you remember Streussen's introduction scene of him singing while baking the cake? Why not have some Firetank Pirates there helping out or Streussen talk for a panel or two about how he's glad that Bege sent in some extra hands out of generosity? Why not elaborate on Bege, Chiffon, and Linlin's relationship with a mini flashback like Pedro and Carrot got so that the trust he earned from her in only a year feels easier to swallow? And so on.

    This goes to show how much Oda likes to wing his arcs and off-panel unnecessary characters, no matter how much we praise him for his longterm series planning. I also would have liked a panel or two of Brook having a peculiar reaction or something during the planning session so him wearing the disguise makes sense. Only Luffy's grand entrance was foreshadowed, not Brook's role in the plan.
  5. I also think that Bege's coup could have been foreshadowed better. I always knew it was going to happen, but I'm talking more about its plausibility. He doesn't show up for about thirty chapters aside from that one scene he shoots Pekoms, and he happens to have everything set up perfectly when the Straw Hats just happen ask him for an alliance. He's also only hung out with Big Mom for only a year and somehow gained enough of her trust to become the chief of security for the wedding. Also, some of Bege's crewmates happened to be following Sanji while Bobbins was chasing him for seemingly no reason at all besides sheer coincidence. He even busted out Caesar off-panel despite his location being said to be under watch by Perospero.
  6. Plot convenience is when your suspension of disbelief gets broken by a fortunate coincidence that seems to happen out of nowhere with not enough build-up for the sake of the author needing a plot device. I think Oda has used it at least a couple times in this arc. Like when we saw Jinbe spin the wheel in Chapter 830 and then ends up perfectly okay by deciding not to spin because he could somehow tell it was rigged, as if anybody thought that was a choice lol. He also comes out of nowhere to save the Straw Hats despite completely disappearing for twenty chapters, so we have no idea how he even learned the Straw Hats are on the island and just have to assume he overheard Big Mom's crew talking about having Luffy and Nami prisoner off-panel. I think all of this could have easily been fixed if we saw Fishmen present when the Enraged Army was formed (so they would decide to inform Jinbe) or Pekoms informed Jinbe after being saved by the Sun Pirates.
  7. What do you consider to be plot convience or plot armor? Been hearing that word thrown around lately in this arc.
  8. It's always good to learn from other people's thoughts to understand a series deeper than you initially thought. But I was in your position more than a couple years back when I was only a lurker. I didn't always know that Blackbeard would be the final villain and kill Shanks, for example. I realized that from reading threads. And I'm still learning from other people about One Piece and other stories. Everybody has the potential to make a compelling fiction analysis. The fact you're eager to understand other opinions proves that. Posting public opinions takes time to build up confidence and understanding, but it's always possible if you focus on following your creative passion and fun with other people.

    It takes two to tango. So no matter how smart somebody is when making an opinion, it also takes an intelligent person to understand whether that opinion is right or wrong. I would love to hear any thoughts you have some time since you seem knowledgable yourself despite your modesty.
  9. You actually remember that comment? Thank you, I didn't know that would resonate with anybody that much.

    That mainly came from seeing how many factions were at play in Dressrosa despite it finally starring one of the longest built-up One Piece villains (one of the two new Admirals got introduced, Sabo also had to be reintroduced, Burgess was present to establish Blackbeard's overlooking Yonko presence) along with generally agreed upon predictions of the Final War having lots of allies for Luffy and how the Grand Fleet is an obvious parallel to Whitebeard's allies. It's not that complicated to notice that Oda probably wants to get allied members out of the way so that he has more freedom in writing arcs before One Piece's endgame rather than having to meticulously build up each ally in a different area.

    So don't worry, I only realized it after the arc ended in hindsight when looking at the arc's flaws of its pacing and split up character focus.
  10. No problem man (in regards to the friendship request), i like discussing stories with people that are smarter than me on this subject of stories. I do think I can make informed opinions but i simply for the life of me dont have analytical eye like you or some of my friends do when it comes to breaking down the mechanics of the story to bolster their argument on why they like or dont like something. Like i saw your post on how dressora is sacrifical lamb because oda is trying to tie all of the element he introuduced in the timskip. I never saw that. So for me i gained my knowledge by discussing with people at that more knowledable than men and their better informed opinions gave me better insight into the series
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