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  1. Yeah! I'm glad!

    Yeah that makes sense. I just wish my depression hasn't been so bad recently, as I have been losing interest in most things I want to do like gaming. Honestly, trying to get myself back up but it's honestly hard.
  2. I'd be happy to see the pictures you take! :)
    Lately I've been having little walks myself. I figured it's a good way to switch from "working mode" to "relax mode", as I'm working from home and sit at the same desk for work and leisure activities (games, videos etc.).
  3. Yeah. I hope it goes all well to be honest regarding the court case whenever that happens.

    The weather actually hasn't been that bad for me. Usually is around 0 to 5 C or even sometimes going up to 10 C some days. I usually try to walk on a trail at night, so don't have to deal with people. There's a nice few spots I like to sit and think and relax. It's also by the river too, but I have not been out much, but I need to get out more. Also, I try to take some pictures of the river in the future to show you how it looks like!
  4. I hope it'll work out in the end. Court cases can be slow and tedious, but I'm counting on the system to work in your favor. How's the weather like where you live? I imagine it's quite alright if you can go on strolls, and that's wonderful!
  5. I will be getting a new service coordinator to help me with moving out and suing the neighbor and landlord. I have enough evidence for my case with the hospital stay, medical documents, and I even did decibel readings that shows the sound is around 70 to 80db which is shown to be hard on most people. I need to stand up for myself. I am scared of doing court cases, but I need to fight and show that I have rights too and I should not be treated like this.

    I am slightly better, trying to use my coping skills. I moved my desk with my computer to the farthest corner in the kitchen, as well as getting noise canceling headphones to help with not hearing the noise. It's a temporary solution, but I need to survive, but it's hard. I also go outside if it's too much for me as I go by the river and it's pretty calming. I have a nice spot there where I can think and calm down.
  6. Yeah, that's understandable. Cats are awesome, honestly I wish I had one to keep me company. Though the pandemic is hard on me, but for a different reason, as I don't mind staying home since I'm basically an introvert, but because of my place being inhospitable because of my neighbor who play super loud music with bass. Which goes to why I went to the hospital. The noise is a huge PTSD trigger which causes me panic attacks, excessive crying, suicidal thoughts, not feeling safe and cutting to name a few. The neighbor refuses to turn it down and the landlord doesn't want me to complain anymore or he evict me. (Which is illegal by the way.) So, I was pretty overwhelmed and had way too many attempts on my life.
  7. Ah, nothing, really. This quarantine is starting to get on my nerves, but I think I'm coping well enough. Having cats certainly helps.
    What about you? I've read that you were in hospital. I hope you're in a better headspace now and things improved.
  8. -pokes- What's been happening in life for you? o:
  9. Oh, I hate when people try to use their religion to undermine people like that. Bleh. Hopefully things can change soon with that.

    Oh, nice! I heard of Skyrim and Dark Souls, but what are the Thief games about?

    That sounds great, hopefully this time with your Finnish studies it can help make you more fluent than before. I know with Japanese, I had so much practice with doing hiragana and katakana that i can read them now mostly with ease. (Have not studied in a while) So, just wondering if that will happen for you as well.

    Yeah, it does help indeed. I'm also on government pay called disability, basically because of my mental state and how broken I am. I finally started working again, but it's only a few hours, so I can slowly ease back into the working world.
  10. It's the same old "Christian values" and "we know what's best even though we don't know what we're talking about" mentality our politicans have.

    I've been playing the old Thief games, some Skyrim and now Dark Souls. I also play regularly with my friends.

    I studied Finnish at university, but after finishing it, I neglected it a bit because of my Swedish finals. Now I'm basically relearning everything, although it's kinda easy at the beginning. I would say I was at a solid A1 level a year or two ago.

    I'm glad you get paid either way. One less thing to get anxious about in these trying times.
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