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  1. Yeah, I found the page, but I couldn't add you. But we already added each other, so the problem is fixed XD
  2. Let me think about it a bit more, Starla!

    Also, you can't find my name on Facebook? That's strange! I know I've set it as a Friends only page but you should still be able to look up my name. You've searched under "Yuriy Roman Mokriy"?
  3. Oh, I never had that kind of problem on Discord, I couldn't even finish the video, it was a bit annoying with the screaming. Though I mainly private message more than use servers, and not much for voice chat. You can always make your own server, and people like that can be muted/kicked out, etc.

    Most of the servers I'm on are very small, and two of them that are a bit big I rarely post in xDD Not all servers are like the video x.x, I'm glad I never came across something like even when I did do voice chat.

    Also, there is no friend add people when I looked up your name, so I private message you the link to my page so you can add me!
  4. Okay! You can friend me on Facebook by searching "Yuriy Roman Mokriy". :)

    As for Discord, every time I try to access it, it doesn't let me register. Plus, the platform is notorious for attracting abusers. I'm reluctant to use it after watching this video:
  5. Oh oki! I do have a Facebook, if you want to exchange that information, I DM it to you! =^.^=

    Yeah, Discord is one of my favorite platforms, I'm honestly there the most compared to any other one. Though been using Facebook more to talk with my brother and another user from here. What do you dislike about Discord?

    Zoom is pretty cool, I use it for school! I really like the special background options they give! ^^
  6. Discord doesn't work on my computer for some reason and I also personally don't like Discord. It's much easier for me to go through Facebook groups or use Zoom. :(
  7. Woo! Welcome back! Well, that's good! My life has been rough mainly because of my own depression.

    Also, can we add each other on Discord if you have it? o:
  8. Just got back to the site after noticing it back up.

    I'm good. Holding steady as best as I can. :)

    Sorry for the late reply.
  9. Oh, I just saw your post! It was posted on your page! Ooops >.<

    So, how have things been with you?
  10. Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I honestly took a break from the forums because of politics mainly. I always try to look at both sides. I used to think Democrats were the "saviors" but now I see that both sides *can* have valid points. Mostly because I do hold some viewpoints that I disagree with stuff on the liberal side.

    I left because I feel like people hate on me because of some of my conservative viewpoints, but it's mainly because Robby attacked me for being a lolicon which got me all emotional and he made me cry. Though he did apologize, which was surprising. If you have Discord I can give you my tag, I'm on there more. I just finally managed to log back in today. (Though I looked at politics thread from time to time while not being logged in.)
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