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  1. Nah I reopened it. I re-reconsidered leaving the thread as is as a legacy to Fairy-Bleach combo but ehhh
  2. Jokes on you. I snuck in the Bleach thread!
  3. Nope, it's the latest cover lol
  4. But that isnīt actually a cover, is it?
    MS Paint Skills?
  5. Read Assassination Classroom and find out!
  6. ... What the hell is up with that avatar?
  7. Oh trust me. that episode, like Jojo, is incredible, but not in the way that jojo is incredible. It literally lacks credibility.
  8. I'll watch it tomorrow then. I just finished this week's Jojo and I don't think i'll watch today will match up with its awesomeness.
  9. They completely changed the way it was solved, and of course, by removing the whole Xi-being-a-clone-of-sicks subplot, they just changed it so that Sasazuka harmlessly shoots the clock without going into his past.

    If you really wanna at least see how cruddy the anime is, here is the histerrier episode in all its... glory.
  10. The only versions on Youtube were all in Japanese so I didnīt watch it. Iīm not in the mood to look it up in other websites.

    Maybe I dodged a bullet. I think Histerrier is my favourite case when it comes to non Hal/Sai stuff.
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