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  1. That sounds like fun! Why Thailand or Japan? *curious*

    And that's epic that you became a vtuber! One of my good friends is one too! =^.^=
  2. Well, at first I'll be an online teacher. But I'd like to go to either Thailand or Japan afterwards!

    In other news, I've become a vtuber! It starts out on Twitch and then the highlights are uploaded to this youtube:
  3. Ooo! That sounds like fun! What country do you plan to go to for teaching English? *curious*
  4. Ups and downs. I'm working towards my goals of being an English Language teacher. I finished my TEFL class but I still need to do the 20 hours of volunteer teaching before I can be certified
  5. Ooooo, I never had that kind of ice cream before!

    And I see, it is nice to spend time with family!

    So, how has life been treating you?
  6. I forgot to mention- I also visited my Mom for my birthday. Dunno how I forgot that lol
  7. I had mint chocolate chip, with gummy worms and Mike and ikes in it....I also gained 15 lbs between that and the previous month. So yes, within 2 months. I am now on a diet lol
  8. It's okay! It happens!

    Ice cream sounds like fun! What kind did you have? o:
  9. Sorry just now saw this! Oh, it was nothing too special. Bought myself some ice cream and candy and that was about all that was noteworthy.
  10. Oh, I see! xD

    Well, I'm 33, and I always like to call myself old and all my younger friends are like nuuuu you're not old! xD

    How was your birthday?
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