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  1. Oh wow.... When did you start to transition? (I started in 2012, I was 24.)

    I think for me I became more active online after I transitioned. I was online before that, but was not a big presence or anything like that.

    If there is anything I can do to help, let me know!
  2. Yeah, my voice is pretty masculine unfortunately. I spent my teens and twenties trying to be more masculine to blend in better while being in denial about being trans and queer so unfortunately I have to undo nearly twenty years of work. :(

    I don't pass at all, though, so I typically have to lay the "I'm trans" on really thick. I also had an internet presence before coming out so I have to sort of make it clear, "Hey, I transitioned" to avoid being misgendered or confused for being a separate person.
  3. Awesome! Thank you so much!

    My voice is pretty neutral since I was born as an intersex male. (Finally came to terms with the truth of that, explains why I decided to change to female because my biology is not normal, I'm guessing I was supposed to be born as female in the womb but something happened.) Regardless, I want to make it sound female like as it honestly make me happier plus I don't want people to know that I'm trans hence the passing.

    I only really tell people I'm trans if I want to become better friends or specific online places like AP where most people are accepting of transgender and understand. AKA safe places. Though sometimes I bring up my trans status to defend transgender related things too.
  4. Whenever I have the mental health to actually voice train I've used TransVoiceLessons on YouTube as a starting base. I suck at it, though. LOL
  5. So... um this is a weird question but do you have sources on how to make your voice more feminine? I ask since it feels like something you might know since I noticed trans stuff in your sig. (I'm transgender male to female, I pass, but my voice is not female sounding enough.) Thank you in advance! And sorry if this was like super random! ^^;;;;
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