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  1. It's a really good game. You should play it as soon as possible, along with Final Fantasy 6, EVO, Earthbound and Super Mario RPG if you haven't already.
  2. Oh nice! I only played a tiny bit of Chrono Trigger! Maybe one of these days, I play it again; and beat it! :)

    And good luck on Ultra Moon! :)
  3. Replaying Chrono Trigger recently, and trying to get up the motivation to play through Ultra Moon.
  4. Yeah, things will get better.

    And I see. Yeah, it is a pretty fun game, and it makes me laugh! So, in a way, it helps with my depression since "laughter is the best medicine" XD

    Seems like it is pretty long though, but I don't mind. Anyways, what kind of games have you been playing?
  5. That really sucks. Hopefully things get better soon.

    I've heard of the Neptunia games, but never played them.
  6. Oh, cool! I will remember that! :)

    Well, life has been ups and downs honestly, but I have been productive as in I have been playing my video games, and completing anime. So, there's progress in that.

    Mental-wise, it still needs a lot of work; but I'm getting better with it; well somewhat, I need to stop sleeping too much all the time. I am getting better with other aspects of self-care though. That's my goal currently.

    Also, I had to sell most of my stuff to fix my car. (Expect my computer.) So, I had to sell my Switch T.T And I never got to even play it! T.T Regardless, I can always get a new one, once everything is settled. Besides, I have a lot of games on Steam to play. Some of them long, which is the Neptunia games. (Not sure if you heard of them.)
  7. I've never used it, but apparently Dolphin can run Gamecube games without the bios. I'm good, thanks. How are you?
  8. Also, hi! Hope things have been well in your world! :)
  9. Since you are very knowledgeable about emulators, how can I get a Gamecube one for example? Like I remember for PS1 and PS2 you needed a bios, is there anything special you need for a Gamecube one?

    I kinda want to play "Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg" again XD

    Thanks for the help! :)
  10. Could update my thread in the video games section from New Phantasy Star MMO to Phantasy Star Online 2? Thanks in advance! ^^
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