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  1. Good to know. I also don't care for word limits all that much.

    Thank you! I'll try to listen to your link after I'm done with school. Your description of his work sounds quite amusing, to say the least lol.
  2. Yeah, feel free to hop on discord and send me a message at any point! I usually log onto it past 7PM EST or so most days. It's good for live communication that isn't hampered by word limits. Would make both of these conversations a lot easier, haha.

    The thing that comes to mind immediately is Devin Townsend. He has a bunch of different metal projects, from some more extreme industrial-based things to euro pop, and he's a really imaginative dude. He has an entire rock opera about an alien invader who wants a cup of coffee, haha. One of my top three bands/musicians, and I don't say that lightly at all. I love his entire career, but the real magic I want to throw at you is his progressive metal stuff. Those albums of his can be both really just goofy as all hell, but profoundly beautiful at the same time. I don't know how else to describe it, so I'll just link you some:
  3. That's some rather nice trivia. I would've never known that on my own!

    I can talk obsessively about geeky stuff I like, so feel free to do so anytime. Just try to make it intuitive enough for me to follow along lol.

    Rock and metal are hit-or-miss for me, personally. But I am always game for recommendations. College radio? That's sounds pretty cool, I'm not surprised to read about you doing such a thing. Thank you! Although I would like to throw in accordion and theremin songs, but I can't really call them their own genres lol.

    Hm... I might in the mood for something fantastical or strange. I don't really know what to ask in terms of a specific style though.

    BellisarioFaith has recommended me to check out Discord as well. So I may finally get to it soon enough now that I have this incentive. It's good to focus on series that don't get attention. My high school anime club liked to do that. If we can do that for musicals, I'm all for it!
  4. And if you want to set up some musical cowatch, hit me up on discord at #5704. Actually just hit me up over discord for both of these things, haha. I've been doing anime cowatches over discord with a couple other people, too, which have been pretty great ways to go through series we've never seen. Basically we look up interesting things we haven't seen, set up a schedule for watching them (normally watch on our own and reconvene) then go through and discuss them. So we can do something like that for musicals, if that sounds interesting to you. (2/2)
  5. I actually saw the Broadway Sweeny todd production with Patti Lupone! Fun fact, that was the performance that first exposed Rebecca Sugar to her, so because of that play we have Yellow Diamond!

    Music, don't get me started on music, haha. Or if you do, be prepared since I can get pretty obsessive when I talk about it. Rock-based things, especially metal and punk are my forte, but I dabble all over the place. I did college radio and always tried to run at least two shows at once, haha. Jazz, classical, and hip-hop are great genres! Sounds like you've got a decently open mind for it, too, with that start. Got any sort of stuff you're looking for? Want something chill? Angry? New? Strange? Fantastical? Funny? Or is there a specific style you want to learn about? (1/2)
  6. Actually, have you seen either the Broadway performances or theatrical adaptations of Sweeney Todd or Into the Woods? I also like songs complimenting the flow of narratives.
  7. You know... I actually wouldn't mind doing something like that! Thank you for the offer. But I have no idea where to start. XD
  8. Well, what's the point of bringing up movies that we watch in that thread if we can't respond to each other without own feedback? I was hoping for some sort of profound response, and learning about criticism is always much more enlightening than just getting a "I thought it was a cool movie too!" reaction that barely goes in-depth lol.

    Well, it doesn't have to be musicALS per se. Just music in general. Although, not going to lie, I mainly listen to music that I hear throughout cartoons, shows, movies, and video games. I don't often listen to music that's just... music too much. XD But when I do, I gravitate towards jazz, classic orchestration, hip hop, and a wide array of remixes. I'm a big fan of both Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles, and can name a few favorite orchestration pieces off the top of my head.
  9. I sorta want to go over some more, myself. Maybe we can draft a list and go through some together! (2/2)
  10. No need to apologize! I should apologize for dragging you into arguing with my weird salty reaction to that movie, haha. When I say talking about it was aggravating me, it wasn't you or anything (I wouldn't be continuing the discussion if I wasn't getting anything out of it), but I know that if I'm arguing emotionally, my arguments aren't gonna get any better. I hope it didn't sound like I was ignoring your points, since I do find them valuable (even if I completely disagree with them, it gives me a sense of what the people who liked the thing saw in it).

    As for musicals, I wouldn't call myself an expert, haha. I can't say I've seen much beyond the classics and some musical theater (Singing in the Rain, some Gilbert and Sullivan, Disney's musicals, a bunch of plays and maybe one or two operas?). I'm just a big music fan, and I love narrative in music (concept albums fit in there, too). I wouldn't rely on me for recommendations with musicals, unless you want really basic stuff. (1/2)
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