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  1. Hello, how are you?
  2. I understand your point, I'm not trying to shove things down people's throats. For me some things I see does not quite fit my style and really has nothing to do with religion. Everyone just have different taste. So this is all I can say but your free to think what you want. Thank you for your input
  3. Fact relates to some objective quality in the state of things. Every object, concept and event has neutral qualities to them that cannot be denied. Their reality is unquestionable and their state of being is not a matter of opinion. Opinion, instead, is the subjective. It is how we judge these things within the context of our personal frames of reference. Our judgment cannot change the objective, rather it serves as a facet to our interaction with it.

    The fact of the Bible may be what is written there, but our interpretations and understanding require a large degree of opinion. So much so, that two millennia worth of commentators who devoted their lives to the Bible's study have yet to reach a consensus on anything. Claiming the Bible's word is fact is itself questionable, but claiming a single interpretation of those words is fact is flat out wrong.
  4. How do you define "Opinion"? Or is belifs more proper? I'm talking about what you post to me in "General News Discussion"
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