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  1. Thank you!!!!! And have a good day and a happy halloweennn!!!!!!!!
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. Thanks! Have a great day!
  4. Happy birthday. :3
  5. I used to have a weapon with Bubbler, but this new one, that I love to use, has Bomb Rush. Now I can play offensively when my meter rises, and I usually try to find a patch of enemy color to spam it.

    Overall I've gotten much better at this game, making slip manuevers to dodge enemy fire, dodging ink strikes, stuff like that. What people often forget to do is cover your base with color before advancing. Sometimes it is better to have all 4 members at the front, but coloring it gives you a leg to stand, so to speak.
  6. Hey thanks! Yea i always like when i play together with someone i know, it makes matches more exciting. In general i saw that you're good at making points to help the team win, but you also need to watch your surroundings more because people will take any chance possible to kill someone else. For that i would suggest you to engage in combat only when you have your special weapon ready (if you main the splash o matic), or in general to avoid kamikaze attacks in the middle of the field. It's far more useful to rush in enemy base, cover a lot of ink, and then hide and kill the enemies while they reclaim it (most of the time they're sure to be safe since it's their base). This tactic is also dangerous, but less than butting in the middle of the stage where god knows what can happen in every match. Sorry if i told you all this stuff but i really like to talk about Splatoon and general strategies
  7. Great matches yesterday, man! You're quite aggressive (and skilled) with that paintbrush. We wrecked when we were on the same team, but I lost horribly when paired against you XD

    Lots of level 20s floating around /is a lv. 16 noob
  8. Yes, that's what it is. No reason at all to check the Wii U trophies, hell, I might not even have it!
  9. The trophy was just Fiora riding that mech before the thing with Metal Face
  10. lol it went like this. I saw your post, I was like "what he is talking about", I opened the r/smashbros, saw the name, and very very quickly realized the problem. Then I posted the reply.
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