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  1. I gotcha. Have a safe flight! :) (Probably late, but whatever XD)
  2. I promise to answer you properly later, I’m just going to the airport rn so I can’t really do a proper response, need to focus on not missing my flight����
  3. Anyways, Polish traditions, relates around Christmas Eve. You have this breaking of this flat thing, that is similar to what they use for communion; where you give blessings to the other people there. The meal consists of 12 different dishes to represent the 12 apostles. So, quite different than Italy, it seems. Though I don't do those anymore XD (I consider myself Polish, as my parents were born in Poland.)
  4. Ah, I see. That is interesting! I never had goose or monkfish. How do they taste like? And that's okay that there is no religious stuff, I'm atheist too, and for me Christmas is about spending time with people you care about. Though... I don't really have much people to hang out with.. most of my friends are online ^^;;

    I do have special Christmas events that are provided by my services, so that was at least nice; despite not being close to anyone there. I had one on Thursday, and even won a $20 dollar gift card! Which I used to buy an MP3 player, since I need something to help me with my issues when I'm out and about.
  5. Thanks! :)

    Oh, I see. Yeah, youtube I used to do as well in the past, I still do, but less XD

    Ohhh, and good luck on the job! I have limited things I can do due to my issues, I tried to go into painting; but it will take a long time, since I have to go to school. (I will still paint of course.) I do plan on trying to make my own video game (Alone, I don't want to work for a company).

    Bouldering sounds like fun! Though... looking down, I'm like 0.0

    And I see about Squash o: (I suck at tennis, but I think I'm good at serving XD)
  6. (...cont) Christmas traditions eh.. well my family is atheist, and my dad's not really a traditions person... plus my mum is english... so we sort of just eat a big meal and have presents under a christmas tree! Pretty similar to the US I'd guess, though we tend to eat Goose or Monkfish instead of Turkey or Chicken because my dad likes to make things fancy. Italian christmas traditionally involves Baby jesus and the nativity a lot... but since we're a bit of a mixed-nationality family with no religious attachments we don't really do that at all....

    Also, glad you're enjoying MHA! I'm a big fan of the series, so you'll see me in the thread every so often :D. You should also check out the anime! Especially season 2 and the fight scenes, really well made and all :)
  7. Ah, ups and downs, sounds pretty stressful! Keep at it, you'll get places if you keep trying! ;)

    I'm not much of a gamer myself, but that sounds like fun! I tend to use a lot of my spare time on youtube and tv instead of anything interactive lol.

    I study Law, sooo kinda dull subject but it'll be done soon and hopefully I can get a job XD

    Bouldering is like... rock climbing but indoors. Squash is like... Tennis but with a small indoor court and the ball can bounce on all sides... it's kinda hard to explain, but it's fun!
  8. As for me, things have been going ups and downs. Been trying to get out more and practice exposure therapy to beat my social phobia and my agoraphobia. I also need to remember that it will not be quick, and be patient with myself. The irony is I am for the most part patient with others XD

    Besides that, I have been playing Huniepop (A dating sim game), and I almost have all the achievements. That I'm also playing Final Fantasy IX and I'm nearing the end with that game too. So, yeah o:

    I also started a new manga called My Hero Academia, and I am caught up with the series as well. (Took me only a few days lol XD) I think it a pretty good series. I plan to read other manga that is in the American Shonen Jump, so when I finally subscribe to them; I have a bunch to read. I have to wait regardless till I finish having my car fixed. (The repairs are split between five different visits, with one visit already down.)
  9. Oh, cool! Congrats on getting a degree soon! :)

    What are studying by the way? -curious-

    Yeah, stress sucks >.<

    As for sports, what is Bouldering and Squash?

    Ah, I see. What kind of traditions do you have for Christmas? Specifically, and Italian roots to the holiday? -curious-
  10. Pretty good! Been finishing off the last year of my degree (ends in May), making lots of friends in my University's JapSoc (while also practicing Japanese), and overall having a pretty good time! Sure, there's studying and deadlines and stress with job applications, but it's alright, I'm coping! Also recently got into some new sports (Bouldering and Squash) so that's been keeping me busy during my free time. That and arguing with people on the Politics Thread! Going back home to Italy tomorrow, gonna see the family, friends and celebrate a good old Christmas and New Year, will be a blast!
    How about you, you doing good?
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