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  1. Lmao yeah I was just wondering what had happened to him and I looked at his last post and it was the one where he called us bullies
  2. what really lol, seriously
  3. holy shit i just realized that we made benjaminbrown Leave Forever by making fun of the boyscouts
  4. Well I haven't finished it (Mother 2/Earthbound) yet, but when I do Mother 3 will be shortly on the menu.
  5. Doesn't it?? Have you played Mother 3 yet? And if you get the chance you should play Undertale too, since it's mega influenced by earthbound :)
  6. Earthbound fucking owns. Carter was right.
  7. Well everyone's work is super refined and there's so much attention to detail. I feel like I'm in a class full of comic pros already haha, just looking at their work makes me feel exhausted

    of course though everybody in the animation department can't draw or draws like they don't give a fuck (rough and fluid as possible), so I'm am just super impressed at the quality of art in the sequential dept
  8. In what sense did you mean intense XD
  9. Scad sequential arts students are super intense. I don't know how you survived
  10. you should come hang when me and holy do movie nights sometime
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