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  1. This is indeed a great day for our forum nation. When we all come together to celebrate that a panda is wearing a sombrero.
  2. Hello sir happy Cinco de Mayo.
  3. I have a gut feeling that this is porn related. Are they finally making AP an XXX parody?
  4. You will get filled in in a month, just like everyone else, by god!
  5. Thank god people can't hear my awful spelling. It's saved me countless times.

    Oh so you weren't stalking me and noting on my relationships. Or that's atleast what you want me to think

    But of course. Cinco de mayo is the important holiday when Money Mayweather fights a Mexican dude and makes bank.

    I assume that is what you were planning on watching. If not fill me in please
  6. I think anniversaries is the plural, so basically what you said.

    Also, wait, what? I didn't mean for that last statement to have anything to do with you directly, so if it did that was just a bizarre coincidence.

    But May 5th is a holiday, which I might be doing something for, which you might be interested in. Is all.
  7. I'm only a tad bit creeped out that you're keeping track of my anniverseries.

    Wait that doesn't sound right. Is there a plural for anniversary?
  8. And the countdown begins, one month!
  9. I assure you, it took every ounce of my self restraint not to simply post that comment directly in the thread.
  10. Is it just me or does it feel like we should've had conversations on here before?

    I suspect a massive conspiracy, probably headed by Foolio, i mean the la-li-lu-le-lo
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