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  1. Happy birthday !
  2. Thank you! Oh man. Did I not reply last year? Lol
  3. Happy birthday ;)
  4. Happy birthday! :3
  5. Ahh! Man that's super surpsing! Lol.
  6. Is that a red star I see? ;)
  7. Yes, Sunny and Alibaba. Go read more manga lmao. I didn't even add all my favorite cause of sig size limits.
  8. Ohhh. That explains it. I recognize Zoro, Death the Kid.....(um, either that's Coco or Sunny from Toriko)....Hisoka, and.....the other one.

    lol I should read more manga
  9. =O.....It's Hiruma from Eyeshield 21! My all time favorite character. It's why he's got top spot in my anime/manga harem lol.
  10. Y'know, I've been meaning to ask. Who's the guy in your avatar/leftmost point of your signature? I keep thinking it's some parody of the Super Saiyan concept.
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