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  1. Are we good ? Just asking.
  2. Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
  3. Hello Noqanky, how is life ? Any plans for December ?
  4. <3 OH MY <3

    Thanks !! It's a shame I already used my money of the month, but I will grab that as soon as possible.

    One again, thanks !!!
  5. Hello... Are we ok ?
  6. Well...This was unexpected. For me, I just noticed you changed your avatars and said good things about both of them. I was never judging you or any bad stuff you might think.But "Meh", you have the right to not like that and I am sorry for anything wrong that I did.
  7. Oh....I see you went back to the old avatar...good. I liked every avatar you used so far. Keep the good taste.
  8. well yea, everyone has bad stories. But that's because of people being jerks and some communities being full of assholes, since I guess fighting games attract assholes. It doesn't mean people who want competition are all like them.

    I personally have just as many instances of wanting to play a game seriously and people jumping in with crap and rng just to keep me from having a simple, honest fight. It's like if you want to play a good game of soccer with friends and a jerk jumps in and starts throwing soccer balls everywhere for the lols.
  9. I just have a bad story with competitive play with Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

    I will add you ASAP.
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