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  1. Hey Goku :D

    How's things ?
  2. Hey there my fellow HXH sufferer :O
  3. hey.

    How are you my Earthbound-initiated friend ? :D
  4. A good calling.

    I'm gonna try catching up with the series after I finish Kinnikuman.
  5. My stache is missing because I'm digging One Punch Man so much right now
  6. Hey. I notice you're still missing your amazing stache.
  7. Seems kinda wrong for someone as well spoken as you to be so lonely and forgotten around here D:
  8. Hm, IDK, I have just never used the feature.
  9. Not as in....ya know.....I mean......

    Might have worded that a bit better :P
  10. How do you not have any friends yet ?
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