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  1. Uh, not my call to make, dude. I'm just a Senior Member, but I don't actually do any administrative stuff on the site. You'd want to talk to somebody who has their name in green or purple (Robby, taboo, Ubiq, etc.)

    But, speaking from my own experience, I don't think anyone would object to it unless the thread had some bad history.
  2. Can I reopen the MSPA thread in the media forums? Because Homestuck will be back next month.
  3. Nah. Just the higher ups really. It's one of the best anime ever made, IMO.
  4. 'Fraid I'm gonna have to pass for the time being. I'm already preoccupied with watching/catching up on several other shows and comics.

    So are you asking this of everyone?
  5. Can you do me a favor sometime and take a look at the Seasons of Bakemonogatari, by SHAFT productions, and give me your thoughts on the series? I feel like there's not enough fanbase for this outstanding series sometimes.
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