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  1. My recommendation is some reflection, perhaps? I had looked over the past three pages or so to try to discern what you were trying to debate (as it continued to be scattered in content and I couldn't figure out the objective?) The basic reason for your threadban is that you had provoked a fairly personal and sensitive subject and as far as I could tell, it also had no real reason to be. If you had stayed further in and continued to try to talk about it or defend yourself, I could not remotely see it coming out well.<br><br>

    A "pick and choose your battles" situation, where someone's personal relationship with religion has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus and your very aggressive tone was not called for. I don't know if you were able to realize it, but your wording was basically mean spirited and also dizzy, vague, unrelated and has been so for quite a while in other threads as well.
  2. (Help I've been removed from the "Post How your day ways" discussion, even though I was learning from my mistakes! How to fix this?)
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