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  1. i dunno why it doesn't seem like that to me then. maybe you aren't using enough exclamation points? maybe it's just hard to convey tone on the internet? i don't know. anyway i gotta stop consuming so much news; it's fucking overwhelming.
  2. I am already doing the OH MY GOD THIS IS TERRIBLE thing in real life, where the reactions vary from "calm down, it's not that bad" (my friends) to "Trump is a great businessman and he is going to fix the world economy, whiner!!!" (my boss). I still think even my posts here are fairly alarming in tone, aside from those email comments every now and then.
  3. i dunno why, but for some reason whenever you're posting about whatever awful shit is happening here you sound so detached and cynical that it makes me feel even worse about everything. not sure why the OH MY GOD THIS IS SO TERRIBLE style of posting is more comfortable than the "of course. the world is ending thanks to these cowards. and here is a very bitter remark" style. i appreciate what you're doing but man... maybe i should just cut off all of this awful news and not be exposed to it constantly like i am doing to myself now.
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