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  1. Btw I saw Deadpool about... Two weeks ago now and... I really loved that movie... It was a ton of fun and a real blast to sit through. Ryan Reynolds has completely redeemed himself in my eyes, and evidently in the rest of the Internet's eyes, which is good imo, given that I never really thought he was a bad actor... He didn't choose good roles to be fair but... I always thought that he had a lot of promise and got more flack then he deserved... So I feel strangely proud that everyone else has done a complete 180 on him but I'd supported him pretty much from the get go... It's funny how the Internet works like that sometimes...
  2. Also, WMR is my first real Patreon just FYI. I'm not really sure if I want to support another Patreon honestly but... Maybe Todd in the Shadows would be a decent one to support at the 5 dollar level... He's the only TGWTG producer that I still follow on a regular basis because... Honestly the dude's funny as Hell and has a really good sense of timing and confidence in himself as a performer that I wish that other TGWTG reviewers still/ever had and a ton of knowledge about the music he reviews (and music in general) that makes his videos a constant pleasure to watch. I was also very pleasantly surprised to find out that he's evidently viewed as the "best" reviewer on TGWTG by most people... Because I came to that conclusion all by myself by just stumbling on his review of the Lazy Song one day in 2011 and I really liked his style so I'm very happy to find out that more people realized that he was brilliant.
  3. Hey dude how's it going? So, you're a Champion level Patreon for Weekly Manga Recap also right? I became one last month, because I wanted to hear the special podcasts that were only available to the Champion level subscribers and so I've been able to access a few but... Do you know how to access some of the older special podcasts they did like when Chris/Rollo T listed off his top 10 manga badasses or his top 10 sports he wants to see made into a manga (where he apparently pitches the idea to Nik, therein creating the hilarity ) I haven't been able to access those for some reason and so I was wondering if you knew how to access them even if I've only pledge money to WMR recently. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. ... My posts are still better structured then yours are most of the time... and I still standby most of what I said it just wasn't appropriate at that particular moment... And I'm sure I'll find later moments to call you out on the things you say... You really don't ever learn from your mistakes do you?
  5. You goddamn right it was inappropriate. Like dude, what the hell? You know when would have been an appropriate time? Never. Because internet fights aren't worth holding on to for 3+ years, jesus. The only reason you're even bowing your head to me is because nobody had your back and yet even in your "apology", you're still trying to justify what the fuck you did. Don't do this shit again and maybe I'll forgive you.

    Also learn to structure your goddamn posts.
  6. I'm sorry that I bashed you. I realize now that it was wrong. I still think that the things I said about you had merit to them, and I do still have issues with the way you treat other people. But it was wrong of me to do that at that moment. I'm sorry, I made an ass of myself. I should've brought it up at a better point in time. I think I just... was ranting about Bakuman because as I was getting back into manga I decided I might as well finish off what was once of my favorite series, even if I had some major issues with it, so I decided to bring up my issues with you, and that was the completely wrong time. I'm sorry I don't know what came over me. I thought maybe it'd come off as funny and not too mean but... it obviously didn't. I fucked up, I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me.
  7. You recommended a manga to Nik and Chris? That's really cool. When I heard they were talking about Fukushima I couldn't help but think of you so I'm not surprised you gave the rec? What was the other series you recommended? Because I think they said they'd read that series too so that's pretty awesome that you did that.

    Also... You might have already watched it but... I wanted to recommend a tv show called Community to you. You've probably already seen other people on the forum talking about how great it is... and well it's really awesome. It's one of my favorite shows of all time, and I highly appreciate the writers of the show for creating such wonderful humor and characters. Highly recommended if you haven't already checked it out.
  8. Too rushed. They didn't spend nearly as much time exploring the journalistic side of Baltimore as the other aspects and it was clear that David Simon needed to do more research in that field. Didn't like Omar's death either which I found to be forced. Like he was killed off just to make a point on how anyone could die because he was everyone's favorite instead of tying it into the story as well.
  9. Wait 5 is really the worst one? Why? I know "worst Wire season" is actually still basically a compliment but what exactly is wrong with it? Like what specifically? I'm on the 3rd episode so far and the main thing that annoys me is McNulty cheating on Beadie with random hookers. Yeah I know they weren't technically married or anything but it still felt very disrespectful to her. I'm also not sure how I feel about the serial killer thing. It just seems a little out there for the show.
  10. It depends on the ending as well as the series itself. In this kinda does. I loved the series with all my heart and soul and for me to realize that all that build-up and character development and plot threads were all leading to THAT, it really does retroactively ruin all the warm, fuzzy feelings I had for previous events when I realize they're going to amount to nothing. I could read a random chapter in the middle and ignore what it might lead to and love the hell out of it. But at the end of the day, I remember and then I get depressed.

    Thanks for the mad props bro and keep reading my tumblr:p I update albeit sporadically.
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