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  1. Hi there, sorry for the mess that has been me coordinating the Genesect trade. My bro is going to be on after 9 hours. Do you think you can make it that time?
  2. That's alright~ my bro should be on within the next hour.
  3. Oh man, I'm sorry. I was on a trip for a few days. I'm back now and will try to stay online. Sorry again!
  4. Hello there, my brother is online with his 3DS right now so he should be available for the Genesect trade :-)
  5. That's good to hear. I guess it's been pretty busy lately, but I can wait.
  6. Yep, I believe so! Just waiting for Chpollastrini to clone the Genesect in his free time :)
  7. Hello there, just wondering if we're still doing the genesect thing?
  8. Thanks again! Absolutely looking forward to Genesect :-)
  9. Cool, have a nice day! Stay tuned for Genesect in december :)
  10. It's working now so if you're on, we can trade
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