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  1. No problem anytime.
  2. Thanks for the tradeback!
  3. Ok I've set up a room 2591
  4. Yay, glad it worked! I'd like the entry please :) we can do the tradeback
  5. Hey, I don't need it anymore, but I can still trade you and trade back mine so you get the entry, I noticed you are online since you are in my raid :).
  6. Hey there, I'm on right now if you're free.
  7. Sorry looks like our time zones are farther apart than I thought. I'll try again later tonight after work
  8. Sorry I had to leave seems we are in different timezones can you do it now?
  9. Got your friend request. I'm on Shield now. I've set the link code to 3252 and my trainer name is Jin.
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