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  1. I just noticed the topic thankx :)
  2. Have you scrolled up the page today?
  3. Hey Ubiq, i just thought of character tournament its been a while since we have one, any plan this year ? Thanks
  4. Gedatsu please ......
  5. I like to think everybody will be pleasantly surprised by what we have in store.
  6. Ooh thank you, could you please include some characters from Toriko, Tommyrod or grinpatch pleaseeeeeeeee
  7. Producing the images is a collective effort from the entire Event Staff, but I usually come up with most of the concepts for them. That's particularly the case this year.

    We're pretty well set for Filler Matches and characters for them right now but if we need a few characters down the road, I'll keep you in mind.
  8. Ubiq hello, can you tell me who responsible for filler match I would like to suggest some characters for fillers matches
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