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  1. Thanks! I've got some Smashing pending with you, by the way. I hope I can have some free time on summer to play against some members of the board, I've been really busy this year :/
  2. Happy Birthday !
  3. Awesome. Got it.

    Lemme know if you ever want to Smash 1v1 for fun.
  4. There ^^. I've yet to find my stylus, though, so I'll be borrowing my cousin's =P
  5. Still have you as a pending friend :X
  6. Ah, alright, gotcha. Makes sense (fingerprints on the 3DS are annoying).
  7. I don't have a stylus right now, that's why I haven't added the people on the Smash sheet yet. But don't worry, I'll do it tomorrow for sure ^^
  8. I've added your friend code. You should add me back!
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