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  1. Hope you have a happy birthday Nolus ^^
  2. Happy birthday! Hope everything's all swell for you <3
  3. Happy birthday, Nolus! I hope everything is well.
  4. Alright, I recently finished my first year of college, so now I'm just working (and kicking back) for the summer, y'know, par for the course.
  5. Thank you ^^ There's been a lot going on this past year~ I'm glad I'm still remembered over here, it's like my second home. Sorry I haven't been so active, I mostly lurk nowadays, although I like to make some silly comments here and there (although the spoiler thread cannot be helped even with my almighty moustachy powers).
    And how have you been faring?
  6. Nolus, how goes it? It's been so long. Too long.

    But I wanted to say that I'm glad you had such a great week with the person you fancy, and well.....I'm rootin' for ya. But sorry it's been so long.
  7. I actually didn't know until someone told me. Congrats all the same.
  8. Thank you ~
    Seriously if you hadn't written me about it, I wouldn't have noticed it~
  9. Good for you, getting that star~
  10. Well thank you. :)
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