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  1. (didn't feel like posting this in the other place) It's too bad things didn't work out, but there are other people out there that will click with you too, and wil WANT to make time for you.If someone really cares about you, they will treat you like a priority. When Robby and I were apart by distance we left skype on ALL DAY cause we wanted to be with eachother.Roby would do his pc work, an I'd play on the net, and we would talk n hang out. Even now, I come home from work and I'm greeted with a smile, cause he missed me.My ex didn't do that for me.I was the new exciting thing for a bit, ya, but in the end, his friends, and him being a man child, ranked over me, and it showed with how he treated me.This girl isn't a bad person, she's just not ready to comiit herself to another person.Other things are more important to her right now.That's not fair to you. You can still be friends with her, if you want, or just drop her, if you don't feel valued.Keep your hopes up man.You'll find someone.
  2. Just doin' our job, ma'am
  3. you and wagomu make me laugh. :P
  4. Yeah it's pretty great. The art's not top tier but I've always been a super big fan of Yusei Matsui's work since Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. A lot of the analogies he employs are really really super, and the characters he creates are really fun.
  5. ah. ya. i've heard of that. it's supposed to be good.
  6. I see. Well the Korosensei Femme mentioned is from Assassination classroom, where these middle school kids have to kill this tentacled octopus emoticon teacher who teaches them life lessons while threatening to blow the earth up by March
  7. your ava just reminds me of a character. the manga is a little morbid, but one of those stories you just gotta know what happens next.
  8. Actually I haven't yet. Seems like i should pick it up and read it then
  9. I was just gonna ask if you've read a manga called bokorenu ours (sp) but i see femme mention korosensei, so I'm gonna say yes.
  10. Hey yeah, it's no problem. As far as I'm concerned, the election of our forum monarchs is best done in pairs, and if Robby is our hilarious supreme overlord, then you've gotta come along too. Package deal.
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