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  1. Sup

    Hey are "Lineage factors" " just DNA in OP or is it a aspect of DNA in OP

    Just asking cause i read a theory on Factors and natural DFs affects on it(though i dont remember. The manga stating that Factors and natural df have connection but im to busy to check)
  2. Really i thought Naruto was a top 5 franchise. Are they counting in that top 5 overseas or is it just JapanYeah i know about them making OP games. Im sayin tho have they made a PC game like Naruto online for One Piece. I dont think they did.Btw you probably heard DB now has its own department. I was wondering does One piece have one.
  3. Edit: Sorry for posting twice. It was a accident.
  4. Hey i found this

    The person i got this from said OP is worth 23 bill in total to Banco someone else said that only counted a single year. Do you know which one it is?

    That top 5 doesnt have Naruto. Was naruto not put there cause its not running anymore?

    Plus they talk about app games they made. I dont remember them making a game for One piece like they did Naruto Online.
  5. What Oda was talking was of the Boom of Naruto in the West and how he was jealous for not being number one series overseas. That has nothing to do with right now and the latest years.

    Toei doesn't says publicly how much each individual series gets in Asia, but only all the series. Viz tells basically nothing to the public.

    By the licensing magazine, Toei was 300 Million last year while Viz didn't show up so below 49 Million, but previous year had been 50 Million.
  6. Plus what r the #s TOEI(OP/DB)gets from Asia/China

    And #s Viz media(naruto/bleach) get
  7. Isn't the overseas licensing of TOEI much bigger than TOEI Being in 100s mills while Naruto Viz being only 50 million

    One other question isn't that "Oda admits to Kishi" defeat about WW popularity out of context. I mean Oda says he did not get complete victory. But they forget that.
  8. That is only counting Bandai Namco sales. Both franchises aren't exclusive Bandai titles.

    Here is the info provided by Toei Animation latest Quarter(In Million Yen):

    Domestic Licensing
    One Piece -> 2,677
    Dragon Ball -> 1,422

    Overseas Film
    One Piece -> 1,395
    Dragon Ball -> 1,316

    Overseas License
    One Piece -> 1,179
    Dragon Ball -> 1,202

    So only in the Overseas License has Dragon Ball surpassed One Piece, for now. Still in terms of Overseas both titles are really close one to another, so the best performance of the year can go either way for now.
    In terms of domestic, One Piece is almost selling 2 times Dragon Ball. Overall One Piece is doing 1,311 Million Yen more than Dragon Ball.

    Is this info true

    Guy states DB outselling OP
  10. I saw your post on MAL

    like how you roast them naruto stans

    U know ur shit man
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