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  1. Hey Joe. Where'd you go?
  2. You suck
  3. That's good to hear. Finish up strong and become King of Trinidad.

    I have heard of it, but I won't read it. I refuse to read manwha.

    This is the first I'm hearing of this(both him coming back and having anti-bleach material). I'll look forward to both.

    Thanks. I'll take being compared to Robin as the highest level of compliment. Your sense of humor is like if Brook and Sanji did the fusion dance from Dragonball, and then took some ecstasy.
  4. Oh I see, well I guess it's the same for me. I don't really complain about my personal shiznit either, especially over the net. What you say is partially true about now really wanting to know how you're doing, though down here it's sincere lol. But I guess you're right, you Americans are so cold (lol).

    Why should I tell you how I'm doing? It's not like you really wanna know =P. (Ahahahhhaha just kidding)
  5. But I'll tell you anyways (XD). I'm fine for the most part, just a couple days from completing my last semester and being able to graduate, so I'm cool. I got two essays to finish so I'm sorta holding off on reading new manga (And probably posting on OMF) until I'm done at the end of the month ^^. Speaking of reading new manga, I still gotta finish Nausicaa, and move onto Shin Angyo Onshi (Have you ever heard of the latter?). Apart from that I'm all good, and I see that m1hawkgsm is coming back next month, and he says that he has some Anti-Bleach stuff to post, so I'm looking forward to that lol.

    Also? I lold at how you asked me how I'm doing ( "How are you?????:)" ). I'm telling you, you have a unique sense of deapan humor, like Robin XD.
  6. I'm just fine. There's not a lot of fluctuation in my life, so unless someone dies, I'm always fine. Even so, if something bad did happen to me, like a death in the family, my answer would still be "I'm well". I'm not one to complain about my personal life. In my experience, when people ask "How are you?", they don't really want to know. Especially if you aren't well. It's more of a greeting in America. Us American's are a heartless bunch.

    Anyway.....How are you?????? :)
  7. Thanks a lot man! I owe you one =).

    Now how about answering my question lol (How are you?)
  8. Kazekage says his email is
  9. I pretty much feel the same as you when it comes to the current arc. Except for Smoker being defeated (I was miffed, I wanted to see more of what he could do). I do agree that Law is reeking of badassery lately, and CC's powers seem to be interesting as well...wonder if he's a logia like Smoker?

    I agree that it's still too early to really make any judgements, and that applies to CC IMO. I mean, his DF does have some potential. I mean if he turns out to be a logia then only Luffy would be able to fight him because he can use Haki. And seeing that he's a gas man, he could possibly have AOE attacks with his gas fruit. I too am curious as to what Law's motivations are. Don't forget that Law also hinted at the Marines being up to something as well ("What are you marines scheming?"). That could be something interesting.
  10. Say, can you do me a favor? You know Kazekage on OMF right? Do you think that you can just pass on a message for me? Just tell him that I kept my proise and joined hotmail and that he (and you as well if you want ^_^) can hit me up at:

    Thanks in advance ^_^.

    Say how is life treating you otherwise? ^^
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