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  1. Definitely not. I made this account just to check this place out, but I'm on here for.....I don't even know lol. I see, good to know. Lol, of course.

    This ought to be good. Masterpiece, man. Funny how things work out.
  2. yeah, it's not that lively here as it is on OMF ^^. Ayo, as for me being absent from OMF, it's only for two weeks, so I'll be back next week if you're curious ^^. I had some spare time so I figured I'd read AP forums a bit ^^.

    Also? Peep this treasure. A freestyle with Nas and his homeys before Illmatic. You could hear Nas talking about the soon to be released Illmatic ^^. Who knew that that album would turn out to be a classic!
  3. Pretty boring here though.
  4. Yo, yo wassup kid. Funny seeing you around on these parts =P
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