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  1. Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
  2. I still miss one of my first friends on AP, hope you are ok !!
  3. Hey man, I miss you.
  4. Happy Birthday !!! You crazy guy that likes Rap + Accordion.
    Weird taste... (kidding).
  5. Right now, hard.

    But most of it, just normal.
  6. hey Cap, long time no see. How's life?
  7. Thanks Cap'n! I've not been on AP much lately - I see you also finally did the accordion thing - it's your duty to revolutionise the world of music!
  8. I truly wish a happy birthday to you.
  9. I remember that you wanted a picture of me with my accordion.Here is the link:
  10. I think the best thing to do, and it will be hard, and it will be potentially embarrassing, or painful is to socialise as much as you can. You work at a library right? It'll be intimidating but the only way to find new friends who will like you for what you are is if you make them. Drifting around with so called 'friends' you fell in with a long time ago is bad, I did it too.

    Why not try and strike up a conversation with someone at the library one day. Sure it will take confidence, and be hard, but if you don't at least try, then you don't have any shots at succeeding in it.
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