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  1. Well if you know anyone on here that you think would be a good member don't hesitate to invite them lol. We're looking for some strong members right now so if you know anyone do pass us on, we'd be happy
  2. The only people I would know would be the people that are on here I don't go to other forums besides this one and yours
  3. So with life returning to the TOK, I'm on the lookout for good posters that would add to the community there. Personally, after you and a few other choice members I'm running out of options on Arlong Park Forums lol. So if you know anyone here that would be good poster, don't hesitate to invite them. I would certainly appreciate it very much lol
  4. Your welcome, I do whatever I can to help out.
  5. Thank you, I appreciate that. We're in slow days right now but far from giving up. We knew the first year would start off slow but we're still handing out business cards and trying to promote it. We'll be doing a lot more so now that the school year has started, see if we can't get it into younger people's daily routine lol.
  6. Just to let you know I do visit your forums every once in awhile.
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