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  1. Ok man, i'm also at my parent's house and not only is the internet not reliable. I spent all Afternoon without energy xD I'll log on and see if we can trade.
  2. Dude, I'm on my mom's place right now, and just found out that internet is not so reliable here. We may encounter some difficulty when trading.
  3. It's alright.. but you have to give me a partner.
  4. Hey man, i got a 5 iv phanpy but it isn't "Perfect. Is that alright?
  5. No problem .
  6. Uh, i have guests for dinner. So...can you wait for another day? >_< so sorry.
  7. 5IV phanpy will bw awesome! In the meantime , I'm gonna watch sdmssj's replays.
  8. Hey man, Since Porcelain also wante a Phanpy i'm breeding 5 ivīs phanpys with the couple. If you wait i can give you a 5. Is that cool?
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