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  1. ops, sorry about that.
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
  3. Happy day! Birthday or otherwise!
  4. Are you avaible now?
    If you are, we can do our match now.
  5. Robby the fillier match is over.
    Just to let you know.
    I would post there to draw attention but since i I'm the last post I can't do that. :p
  6. They don't ever kiss again, but they stick together... and if you watch for signs, I think Gourry remembers the experience... even if Lina doesn't.
  7. So just finished slayers next season(i'm like slug when is watching anime,so slow) just curious does Gourry and Lina get that close into being "honest" to one another on the other two seasons or it never reaches there again.
  8. Thanks to the answer and sorry to be this late.
    And that magical girl episode, i'm still laughing.
  9. Prince Phil is allright. Not my favorite character at all (that would be Zelgadis) but he's allright.
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