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  1. No problem, thanks for the mons.
  2. Thanks massively for the help, I'm really grateful. About the Mareeps, I couldn't remember which one was flawless, so I gave you both. For all I know both might be.
  3. Alright, I'll get on in a moment.
  4. Ok, I'm ready to trade.
  5. Sorry, I slept in today. I'm able to trade within the next hour or so (I'm not going to be on the 3DS during that period unless you tell me you are ready to trade).
  6. Ok, I have the Noibat, Mareep and Skiddo ready.
  7. Okay, just tell me when you're done.
  8. I won't be on until tomorrow. I'll need to breed the Noibat quickly anyway, since I don't have any flawless spares on hand.
  9. Yeah sure. Are you on right now?
  10. Oh, I have Mareeps. It's just that there's nothing gen 6 exclusive about them. Still want one?
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