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  1. Normal gem boosted boomburst is a really good idea for 3v3 battles, something I'll try out. Usually I run life orb, though the main trouble I run into is lack of speed.
    Thanks for the offer, but I already have a Jolly Garchomp which I finished EV training a week or so ago. Currently I'm in the position where I can practically give away 5IV perfect Cyndaquils for free since I have so many, so you can have one of those. They're all male so that could be a help for IV breeding in the field egg group.
  2. Thanks again for the Chattot. I finally managed to get Master Rank on the Battle Institute because the A.I keeps understimating the threat of a Boom Burst powered by a Normal Gem. By the way, right now I got a 5 perfect IV female Gabite (Jolly) that I don't feel like using since I already EV trained a Garchomp that only lacks a perfect SPdef IV. Would you be interested in trading anything for it?
  3. Thanks for the trade!
  4. and sorry for missing your fast reply.
  5. Right now my internet company is upgrading the service, so for a month or so my WIFI signal will be pretty weak. At the moment I'm only able to connect without any problems in my dinning room, so I rarely bother to go online unless I get a request for a trade or want to add someone to my friend list.
  6. I'm on right now, but for the next week or so I'll be on sporadically between 10 and 22-23 GMT. I usually forget to connect to the internet though so I'll do that more often now.
  7. At what time are you usually online? I already named the Espurr you wanted.
  8. btw my ID is DBG and in-game name Diego.
  9. Alright, named it. Ready whenever you are.
  10. I'd like a male one with Keen Eye.
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