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  1. indeed it is, much less..fluff around.
  2. The forums feel empty without your avatars and signatures.
  3. Aw, I wouldn't say that. Because of that thread, we now have the "DUMB Predictions" thread which caters to all sorts of stupidity. That in itself is a great contribution. Yep, I really don't do much here (at least not nearly as much as that guy).
  4. How come you're not a senior member yet?

    ou deserve it more than the clown who made that legendary thread
  5. seriously, isn't that the truth.
  6. It sure is a far more noble goal than trying to shove down our throats that the Straw Hats need badly another pair of boobs to join the crew, no matter how boring their owner might be.
  7. Well, I'm glad for that. I try to make the world a fuzzier place filled with pomeranian grins.
  8. Your love for pomeranians makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever I come across one of your posts.

    btw this is kurokagi. I just have a thousand accounts despite having never been banned.
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