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  1. Hey, Aohige. Do you think it's a good thing that Doubutsu no Kuni got a chapter in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine? According to Raiku it only has 3 more chapters to go, so I find it weird that he would shorten the final fight by releasing one of the final chapters in a weekly magazine.
  2. Well, on Hagiwara's defense, it's not like he has ever dared to release a chapter of Bastard!!! full of shit doodles.
  3. Nobody knows. It's one of the big mysterious of manga industry.
    Or the fact Togashi's friend and teacher, Hagiwara, got away with it as well.
  4. your talk about "cultural things" made me wonder how Shueisha and the japanese fans of HxH tolerate someone as lazy as Togashi. I mean, even Oda, who's pretty chill most of the time, indirectly said in an interview that Togashi shouldn't call himself a mangaka, but it seems that most people don't share his point of view or else Togashi would have gotten what he truly deserved a long time ago.
  5. Papaya Man, why don't you have an avatar anymore?
  6. Hey blue pineapple, do you know if monthly magazines like Bessatsu are also on Hiatus?
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